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Accelerated Data Recovery











Metiix provides comprehensive, innovative, and versatile data security and online backup solutions to allow users to safeguard their information across various interconnected levels and platforms. By utilizing this personal data protection grid, users can gain full freedom and exclusive control over where their data is stored and directed to. Metiix data security tools are built around user needs, in conjunction with highly attentive backup and recovery multi-platform support. Our personal data protection grid is fortified by our dedication to business continuity.

We understand that data backup is only one component to data security. This is why we have set up an all-inclusive security and recovery system fortified to give you ultimate control with added support where you need it most. In fact, users can take comfort in knowing that not only is their information secure, but it is stored within a framework that accommodates unlimited storage, fast and efficient bandwidth, real-time customization, and much more.

Metiix is fully dedicated to your data security and backup solutions, and this is why we’ve created a personal protection grid that adapts to your needs. We take our services a step further by giving you complete control over a multitude of storage platform options, encryption options, notification options, and much more. We are happy to provide monitoring, alerts, and evaluations so that you can keep up-to-date with your data storage and security. In addition, Metiix provides users with in-depth assessment reports and performance reviews to help you stay informed and organized. Our online data backup and recovery professional support staff is ready to take on any questions you may have on your data security needs. Contact us today.

Metiix gives you freedom and flexibility to protect your data in the most efficient manner possible!

Multiple Deployment Possibilities

Your site, our site, multiple sites, you choose…
Write data locally to any disk.
Multiple Sites
Write data to all of your sites.
Metiix Vault
Choose our vault when you like.
Write data to our site and yours.
Store data on any storage, anywhere.

Incredible Technology

Your data is safe, efficient, relevant, & available…
Data Reduction
Massive de-duplication and compression.
All data encrypted before it leaves the site.
Multiple destinations to handle disk failures.
Data is protected down to 15 minute intervals.
Easy Migration
Get started within hours, not days.

Fanatics about Service

Monitored so that you don’t have to worry…
Start to Finish
We help evaluate, design and implement.
We monitor your backups to ensure success.
Quick reactions and notifications.
Reports and reviews for smooth running.
Support available when you need us.