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Metiix, LLC.

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Metiix, LLC. Announces the Release of Our New Ad Blocking Software: Blockade

Network-Wide DNS-based software to block ads, tracking, and malware.

Minneapolis, MN (02/16/2016)  - Metiix LLC is pleased to announce the release of Blockade.

Blockade is a free DNS-based server software designed to block third-party tracking software, analytics/tracking software, ads and access to sites known to carry malware for all computers and devices on your network that can browse the internet.

Blockade, installed on a single Windows or Linux server, is all that is needed to protect all of the devices (computers, servers, laptops, Chromebooks, handhelds, smart TVs, tablets, phones) connected on your network including WiFi.

Blockade keeps advertisements, tracking, and analytics/tracking software off of your network.

  • Blockade will protect you no matter what browser you choose or what device you are on.
  • Block invasive tracking software and ads from every device on you network.
  • Greatly improve network performance by stopping unwanted and intrusive traffic on your network.
  • Shield your privacy from tracking, profiling, and advertising companies and entities.
  • Protect all of your devices from malicious websites.

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About Metiix

Metiix LLC, founded in 2008, is based in Minneapolis, MN and specializes in on demand backup, data protection, data archive, server recovery and remote device protection. We have both cloud and non-cloud options.  The majority of our customers use our service to write data to their own offices building what we term a private cloud or grid type backup. Many of our customers choose to off load all of their backups directly to the cloud, and some fall in between.

Everything we do is on demand; which means no contracts and no proprietary hardware or appliances need to be purchased. Our strength is best of breed software, impeccable service, with daily monitoring and alerting around every device/computer we protect.