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Metiix Blockade

Network-Wide Malware, Tracking, & Ad Blocking

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Network-Wide Protection

We enable blocking on all of your network devices, including servers, PC's, tablets, phones, etc. from a single server or pc. Learn More


Our Blocklist is updated often to ensure that we are blocking as much malware, tracking, & ads as we can. Learn More

Custom Blocklist

We block a lot, but maybe you want more... Add what you want to your own custom blocklist. Learn More


Did we mention that we block a lot... maybe too much. Easily add Exceptions to our blocklist to ensure you have access to what you want. Learn More

Blocked Queries

Sometimes you need to figure out what is blocked. Our blocked queries list shows everything that Blockade has blocked recently. Learn More

Relayed Queries

It is just as important to know what queries we let through. Within the relayed queries list, you can find what is let through our blockade. Learn More