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Metiix Grid

no more tape, write data anywhere, un-breakable reliability

Create your own personal data protection grid with Metiix.

We want you to feel comfortable with your data protection solution. Our engineers know that backup is only one aspect of the equation. The solution needs to be secure, reliable, real-time, and easy to manage, as well as fast and efficient in terms of bandwidth, storage, and cost. We believe we have put together the perfect solution.

All of your data protected in real-time with little to no impact to the users or the network. Data is de-duplicated and encrypted on the host to securely transfer to local and independent remote destinations. Choose between sending data to our secure vault or go ahead and send data to as many of your own independent sites and disk alternatives as you wish.

Metiix Grid allows you to protect data to numerous geographic locations of your own choosing at the same time. Write data from a single server to many geographic locations independently for ultimate data protection with no single point of failure.

Harness the power within your own geographic grid to purchase any disk platform from any manufacture or vendor. Send data directly to where ever you want it stored, both in and out of the building at the same time, and across many locations.

Agent-based software deployment

Our Metiix agent is deployed on each computer that you would like to protect. The advantage of agent-based data protection is to de-duplicate at the variable block across the entire server, DAS, SAN or NAS and encrypt before leaving the source. This allows for more frequent data recovery points with minimal CPU and network utilization. Securing the files directly at the source means advanced variable block level de-duplication within all files across the entire server, tighter security, and dramatic disk reduction at all destinations, as well as minimal CPU and network utilization.

The Metiix agent performs these tasks locally at the host, allows secure blocks of data to be written directly from the source host to multiple independent destinations, utilizing many disk alternatives (or choose our vault), without the need for proprietary hardware, media servers or other middleware. Our agents can also monitor for file changes in real-time and send data to multiple independent destinations anywhere and with great frequency. With Metiix, there is no central point of failure as each agent acts independently on each server with phenomenal reporting capabilities and writes to numerous independent destinations—or as we call it, creating "the Mesh."

Utilizing an agent-based approach to encrypt and de-duplicate all of the data before it leaves the server ensures that only the smallest possible amount of data travels on the network to the local and remote destinations, with the highest level of security. This approach allows our customers an infinite range of destination storage options from all manufacturers, and the most efficient use of that disk since the block level de-duplication has already stripped out all duplicate blocks across every file prior to the send to every point in "the Mesh."

Supported on multiple platforms

We are able to protect all of your primary servers including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Metiix delivers unlimited single point-in-time restores and full disaster recovery for files, system state, registry, active directory, and database. Metiix allows settings for granular generation and retention policies and archive and well as opening up the flood gates to hold unlimited history across the board. With Metiix cross platform client uniformity coupled with managed support from our seasoned engineers significantly shortens the dreaded learning curve as well as the time to deploy. Our managed service monitors every host to every destination selected; whether vaulting with us or sending data to and from your farthest remotes, the same quality of service, security, and feature set can be expected for each platform.

The ability to backup different flavors of operating systems from system state to files and all databases in between ensures that we are able to protect more of your data using our service and technology.

Destinations are completely independent from one another

Data protected by Metiix agents can write to an unlimited number of independent and geographically dispersed disk destinations over any communication protocol. A Metiix host agent can write data from the protected server to a local disk destination for immediate backup and restore capabilities. At the same time, Metiix agents can send that same data to an unlimited number of offsite and geographically dispersed locations for redundancy and disaster recovery. Even choose our vault as a destination where applicable.

The freedom of independent destinations from the source allows Metiix customers to choose from any type of disk for storage, on any platform, from any manufacturer. No longer is there a dependency on proprietary hardware from any one vendor, no dependency on appliances such as VTL, proprietary de-duplication boxes, media servers, replication, or WAN acceleration, and a complete freedom from backup software and tape.

Backup data from your mission-critical servers to your own destinations and geographically separated offices, remote facilities, and warehouses. Choose to write data over any network protocol and to any disk back end from USB, FW, ATA, e-SATA, SATA, SCSI, iSCSI, internal disk, DAS, NAS, or SAN. Mix and match disk manufacturers, hardware types, and the amount of destinations deployed.

Example A:

If the internet is down, the local disk will still perform backups and recoveries independently of all other destinations. The offsite destinations will simply catch up when the internet connection is reestablished, as they continue to track their backlog of work until a connection can be made, no matter how long the downtime.

Example B:

If there is a logical or physical failure at one of the destinations, backups and restores will be not be affected at the alternate destinations. Simply correct the problem at that destination with the comfort and peace of mind that the other destinations didn’t miss a single beat.

Example C:

If there is a corruption or disk sector failure at one of the independent destinations affecting specific segments of the backed up data or the whole, Metiix automatically attempts to reclaim the affected blocks from the original host file. Metiix can also restore back to good from one of the other independent destinations.

Writing to independent destinations allows our customers a level of safety and fault tolerance technologically unmatched in security, performance, and affordability. Metiix is heads and shoulders above the rest, having no single point of failure and the ability to alleviate panic and distress brought on by loss.

Data is always available from the destination or any node in the mesh

As soon as a file is backed up from a Metiix agent and sent to a local or remote destination, that file is immediately available for restore, even if the total backup set of changed files from that host is still in process to that destination. A restore can also be accomplished from any one of the independent disk destination selected. In the event that one of the destinations is unavailable (see “Independent Destinations”), simply choose from one or more of the alternative destinations. If a backup has completed more recently to one destination over another (see “Intelligent Queuing”), simply choose that destination for the most frequent view of all your data.

Restores can be performed on the originating Metiix agent to pull restores from any of the local and remote destinations. Restores are also available from any Metiix agent that shares the same domain and writes to the same destinations as other Metiix agents controlled by you. Yet another alternative: simply perform restores directly at any Metiix destination for any of the Metiix agents that write to that destination.

Data is “Omni-Present” in multiple and geographically dispersed locations simultaneously, and controlled with strict 448 encryption and guest restore policies so no one but you can ever see or gain access to your data.

Destination-based Data Recovery

Metiix can write data to multiple destinations economically, with accurate levels of accountability for recovery, security, and constant “mouse click away” availability. Writing data directly to the D.R. site, or multiple sites encrypted and de-duplicated is the single best way to radically improve both RTO (recovery time objectives) and RPO (recovery point objectives).

If you plan to recover from a partial loss or total disaster of building or site A, over in building or site B, C or D, why not write the data to A, B, C, and D in the first place? Why transfer data from a third party vault, tape storage site, or co-location facility when you could have the data waiting for you at multiple destinations, constantly validated, mouse click available, on any disk platform, and containing 100% of your history.

All data is encrypted before it leaves the source client

We incorporate a 448-bit encryption algorithm based on the Blowfish pattern. Every single byte of data is encrypted with a unique key that only you have access to. As an agent-based technology, we ensure that the data is encrypted on the server before it hits the network. Rest assured that your data is safe and secure whether it is in-flight or at rest at every destination locally and abroad.

You have the option of securing data at 448 through a private key style or choose an escrow or lockbox style using your account password. Once again, choice and flexibility characterize everything we do.

Massive data de-duplication and compression

To ensure the smallest amount of data is transmitted to the backup destination and ultimately stored, we deploy an advanced variable block de-duplication and compression technology on every server included with every Metiix agent. Every file that passes through our Metiix agent is sifted for duplicate blocks and indexed. We will only send the unique blocks on changed data and only after comparisons are made across every file that has been indexed. Those unique blocks are then sent to each chosen backup destination. Data de-duplication and compression at the variable block level directly on the host allows for the tightest algorithm possible when storing your mission critical data. Equating to the least LAN/WAN traffic possible and ultimately the least disk utilized at every destination allowing for unlimited retention at the lowest cost.

Imagine your company logo is stored in several word documents on several parts of the server. We secure that block pattern once, when we see the exact same signature of blocks in any file across the server's entirety, we will not have to store it again. Some people call this "Single Instance Storage" or "De-Dup"; we just call it smart and efficient.

Continuous protection of all data

As data changes on a computer, we are able to detect the changes in real time, intervals or scheduled times—it’s your choice. Metiix protects data continuously, around the clock, with minimal CPU and bandwidth required to ensure that we have each version of a file as it changes. Only the blocks that have changed and found to be unique when compared to the index are sent to the local and remote destinations chosen. Continuous protection allows for limitless point-in-time recoveries and advanced long term archive/storage. This process ensures that we are protecting all of your data as often as possible and to as many geographically dispersed places as possible.

With this level of protection, restore points for your data may be numerous and granular. With our ability to just protect and send unique changed blocks in real-time or at a scheduled interval, Metiix dramatically lessens the burden on the system and the network as it trickles unique blocks of data to all destinations.

Keep as many versions of your data as you want

Since we are only moving the unique blocks after variable data de-duplication, we are able to protect unlimited versions of every file that changes on the least amount of disk space at any destination selected (our vault or your sites). Retaining unlimited versions through meticulous block-by-block comparison ensures the least amount of data is transferred over the network from each host to all final destinations. Our unlimited version feature allows you to maintain a full view of a file from any point in time.

We are able to index each change with incredible speed; each difference is minute as delta recognition from generation to generation becomes more intelligent with ever expanding block comparison points. The number of versions you select to hold is as disk friendly as technologically possible.

No more weekly full backups

After the initial backup of the data, any changes to the files are monitored, and only changed blocks are sent to the independent destinations selected. If the file never changes and we stored a copy of it, we will never have to store that file again. Only incremental changes are sent after variable block de-duplication across all files.

We continuously monitor the file system for changes and never require another full backup; only the original first copy of unique blocks of data need be captured the first day Metiix is deployed. Full and Daily schedules are no longer necessary. We are able to recover files from any point in time without the need to move a full backup of the data ever again.

All blocks of data are validated weekly at all destinations

Validation is a process we use to ensure that your data is recoverable when you need it. We take every block in our index and validate that it exists at each and every destination. This way we can be sure that when we need to re-assemble all of the blocks that it takes to recover a single file, they will all be there. This process is automatic and occurs on a routine basis.

Because of the methods we employ for our block-level storage of files, we are able to perform much faster and more reliable validations. We look at common blocks amongst all of the files on the file system as possible candidates for rebuilding a corrupt generation at the destination. Simplified, this means that we can repair file corruptions by copying in blocks from several other files that we are already aware of on the existing file system.

Here are several of the steps we take during our validation process to ensure your restore is successful.

  1. Checksum of original file before backup
  2. Checksum of each part of file created during the analysis phase
  3. Checksum of encrypted parts during transit phase of backup
  4. Checksum of each part as it is stored on the destination disk
  5. Independent verification of destination data at regular intervals
  6. Checksum of each part of file during return flight during restore
  7. Checksum of whole file before writing to restore location
  8. Checksum verified after writing to restore location
  9. Checksum of original file in its original form is verified against final disk version after restore

Bottom line; data integrity.

You are always notified of failures

You are provided with daily and real-time summaries of the systems that you have protected with us, as well as how much data you have protected, the health of that data, and how often you updated the backup destinations. Our engineers will also notify you when you have not backed up in a while as a warning, and if you have not backed up your files in quite some time we will alert you with even stronger warnings.

The idea is to never have to deal with your backups on a daily basis and simply be notified when something is wrong. A smart service like Metiix leaves you alone until you need to deal with a problem that requires attention. You don’t have to even think about backup, because our engineers are here to watch for you.

Simple data retention rules

Retention with us is simpe: leave every generation protected forever on multiple destinations or specify how many generations that you would like to keep. Retention policy can also be set to specify if files that are deleted from the source machine are to be removed from all destinations after a specified period of time. Offline archives can also be accomplished from any point in time and for any source machine protected, or as a whole for any destination that is utilized. You control how much data you want to protect, for how long, and where.

With no capacity charges when writing data to your own destinations, the freedom to write data to any disk architecture from any manufacturer, and the ability to archive any destination, we make it simple and affordable to retain all of your data forever. If and when you need to deploy retention policies, feel free to set as many as you like, as granular as you like.

Reliable file-based backup

We ensure that you have your critical un-structured data protected through our hot agents. This allows you to still maintain flexibility over how your production applications such as SQL Server or Exchange are protected. You simply tell our engineers where and how you would like us to swoop it up, de-duplicate, encrypt, and send it across the wire to be stored at multiple sites and how many generations.

We build and provide agents for SQL, Exchange, System State, and Active Directory to facilitate the hot backup of those always open files. Metiix Aware allows us to execute a scheduled online backup for business storage groups, live databases, system state, and active directory. Simple and efficient.

The Metiix-Aware agents control the transfer of the live database or storage groups to the local Metiix client engine for data de-duplication, compression, encryption and transportation to the different destinations. The Metiix database agents access each database hot, handle scheduling, monitoring, validation, and notification of the successful completion of each move from each host to every destination.

The service is automatic, requiring much less of your time

Our idea of performing an online backup for businesses is making sure that you do not have to do anything to protect your data. Our service is here to make that as simple a process as possible. Our engineers deploy the service; you tell us how you want things to be and we take care of the rest.

We notify you if there are problems, or things that require your attention. But otherwise your required interaction with the backup process is minimal. Metiix is always ready for a restore. Sleep well—our engineers live for this stuff!

Real-time awareness of file changes

All of the selected data can be protected in real-time, via intervals or schedules. As a file changes, we take notice of the change and place it into our queue for backup. There are no complicated schedules or windows of time that you need to manage. If the file changes we ensure that we protect that version under you retention policy created, from one generation to unlimited history.

We give you the ability to choose the range and scale of your backups, when and how often to look for file changes, and how often to protect them to multiple destinations. Our processor and network throttling is in place to easily protect all of your file changes whenever you want.

You can limit the amount of CPU used for backups

We take special care to know when there is an active user operating the computer. During this time we are able to throttle our service back to make sure that we are not impairing the user’s ability to operate the computer, yet still provide a better level of real-time protection for the system.

We make sure that the system is able to adapt to your specific habits and we can yield to all other applications and follow strict CPU and network limitations and customized settings. In a server class machine, we can take up as much CPU as you allow and still follow a strict automatic or manual QOS/TOS yielding. If we are protecting desktops, workstations or laptops, we can monitor for your presence and throttle our service back during the times where you are actively working.

You can limit the bandwidth consumed for backups

Just like our processor throttling technology, we ensure that we do not consume too much bandwidth at different times of the day. Metiix can fine-tune each machine's bandwidth consumption in relation to the amount of connectivity to each independent destination.

When we design a solution for a customer we account for all variables, such as the specific machine being protected, its average rate of data change from interval to interval, and the machine's connectivity and proximity to all destinations where the backup data will be sent. Metiix stays under the radar and trickles data to all sites selected.

Protecting large files is no problem

There is no practical limit to the size of files that we can protect. Since we rely on blocks, it does not matter how large a file is. To us, it is simply a large set of blocks. So create away, knowing that we will protect each generation of every file that you want to protect.

In the case of databases such as SQL, Oracle, Exchange or another kind, Metiix can process large files, cut them into pieces, and find the blocks that have changed before sending them across the wire. It’s nice to know that no matter what file size you throw at us, we can handle it.

The best destination is completed first

In the case of disaster or even a single file loss, it is often the work that you just completed that you want restored the most. With this in mind, our architecture is designed to protect the newest data first and get to the older data last. As data is queued up to send to the final destination. This stack-style approach ensures that the data you just created gets in line before data that you created a while ago.

Metiix looks at all of your data and compares it to the destination. If there is a destination that is almost completed and up-to-date with the source system, we will finish that one first so that you have a complete view of your data at that destination before we start working on the next one. In a case where local storage is selected, it is advantageous to have an exact view of the current data on site. The local storage is 100% complete and ready to perform any restore before we start to send the data to the next geographically independent destination in line.