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Metiix Hybrid

Powerful Data Protection Leveraging Amazon Cloud Services

A simple hybrid approach to backup and archive

Metiix Hybrid Leverages Both Onsite/Local Storage & AWS (Amazon Cloud) for DR: Exceptional Service and Cloud Storage at the Best Price:

Metiix Hybrid’s intuitive design combines enterprise level features such as scalability, centralized management, real-time protection, local and global de-duplication, reliability, data tiering and more at a very affordable price.

By leveraging AWS technology (Amazon) and our powerful backend, we provide a solution that will allow all businesses, no matter how large, an easy move to the cloud.

Unlike other services, Metiix Hybrid does not cap bandwidth upload/download speeds nor does it set upload/download file size limitations. Metiix does not limit retention rule policies.

Durable Storage, available anytime

Benefit from the unbreakable reliability of Amazons S3 Cloud. All data stored in instant storage is immediately available for restore. Send all of your current data, end point devices (pc's and laptops), and transactional or generational data into instant storage.

Archive data for maximum durability and reduced price

Protect all of your infrequently accessed files securely to Amazon Glacier. Amazon Glacier is an extremely low-cost storage service in the AWS Cloud that provides secure and durable storage for data archiving and backup.

Files selected for restore out of Glacier require a 3-5 hour lead time before they are ready to be retrieved. Once your files are ready to be downloaded, you will receive an email to restore.

Super fast restores for recently used data

Local Storage works best for recently accessed data. Metiix Hybrid allows for local storage to be used in conjunction with Instant Storage as well as Cold Storage. With a copy of your data residing locally, restore speed is significantly increased.

At any stage of the backup, you can enable Local storage to backup a copy of all your files to a local server, network or external drive. It zeros recovery time by intelligently prioritizing restoration of files from your local storage instead of the online storage.

Backup as little or as often as you like

Metiix Hybrid can be configured to backup files as often as every 5 minutes. Bringing the restore point interval down ensures that files that are recently modified are protected instead of waiting for the daily backup to capture the changes.

If continuous protection captures too much change, scheduled backups and throttling are available for protecting your data on a less aggresive interval.

Wherever your data resides, we have you covered

Use Metiix Hybrid to backup everything. Desktops, laptops, servers, external drives, even network drives are able to be protected.

Metiix Hybrid supports all Windows based devices.

Access your files from anywhere

  • Easy to use web viewer to download share files/folders with a click
  • No download limitations on file size or number of files
  • On-the-fly decryption of files
  • Instant Search
  • Show and recover deleted files
  • Thumbnail preview of raw camera format of images
  • Permanently delete files that have been mistakenly backed up
  • Sharing management to retrieve shared links, retire shares, and set/disable password protection
  • Easy switching between multiple computers under the same account
  • Right-click windows explorer like options on files and folders
  • Drag-drop files to any folder location
  • Keyboard shortcuts for easy manipulation

Porshe or a Yugo, your choice

Metiix Hybrid utilizes several performance modes: Turbo, Smart, Battery Saving, and Presentation.

Depending on the current workload of your device, you can ensure that backup does not prevent you from performing your daily tasks.

Control your entire organization’s backups in one location

100% cloud-based management console. No need for installing back-end software on your servers. The management console also lets you deploy Metiix Hybrid to client computers with simple email invites, whether it is one user up to thousands.

This gives the administrator the ability to deploy policies, locally or globally, and the control of managing and monitoring the entire process from a central location.

Backup what is important, exclude the rest.

Instead of choosing every file on your system, Metiix Hybrid can intelligently select data to protect based on file type, size, date modified, or utilize powerful regular expressions to dictate the exact files/folders you need to protect.

Using our Smart Selection, you can take advantage of our pre-defined file types. Examples: Mail, Desktop, Documents, Office, Pictures, Music, Videos, Bookmarks, Financial Files, eBooks & PDF's

Reliable file-based backup

We ensure that you have your critical un-structured data protected through our hot agents. This allows you to still maintain flexibility over how your production applications such as SQL Server or Exchange are protected. You simply tell our engineers where and how you would like us to swoop it up, de-duplicate, encrypt, and send it across the wire to be stored at multiple sites and how many generations.

We build and provide agents for SQL, Exchange, System State, and Active Directory to facilitate the hot backup of those always open files. Metiix Aware allows us to take scheduled backups of your storage groups, live databases, system state, and active directory. Simple and efficient.

The Metiix-Aware agents control the transfer of the live database or storage groups to the local Metiix client engine for de-duplication, compression, encryption and transportation to the different destinations. The Metiix database agents access each database hot, handle scheduling, monitoring, validation, and notification of the successful completion of each move from each host to every destination.

Backup files even while they are open

Metiix Hybrid supports protecting open files utilizing Windows VSS. With the ability to configure exactly which file types gain the benefit of open file support, you are in control of when and where we utilize Windows VSS to ensure that your system performs well at all times.

Delta level support

Block Level Backup ensures that as large files change, we only protect the changes in those files instead of sending the whole file.

In the case of archive or long-term storage it is sometimes preferred that you do not have deltas of a file and have sent the entire pristine copy of a file to storage. For this reason Metiix Hybrid allows you to configure exactly which files you would like block level backups.

Why store the same file more than once?

De-duplication in Metiix Hybrid ensures that we do not store the same file more than once on the backend storage. If the file is already protected, it does not make sense to store a duplicate copy of the file.

With Metiix Hybrid, network traffic is as small as possible. Data de-duplication results in higher efficients in every part of your backup solution. The obvious benefits are network bandwidth and throughput. Reducing the amount of duplicate data also benefits maintenance and housekeeping activities, ensuring the entire backup solution operates more efficiently.

Changing the name of a file has no affect on us

Metiix Hybrid is smart enough to know when you have modified a file name without the need to protect the file more than once. When it comes time to restore, you will not see two version of your files simply because you have renamed them.

Data encrypted both in-flight and at rest

Metiix Hybrid encrypts your data before it leaves your machines with government standard NIST approved 256-AES encryption, transferred to the secure and reliable Amazon S3 servers using 256-AES encryption and stored on 256-AES encrypted Amazon S3 servers.

This level of security complies with all laws and regulations for safely processing, transferring, and storing data such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPPA, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FISMA, and the Joint Commission

Easily manage large numbers of clients using intelligent policies

  • Supports user defined or Admin defined backups for each user
  • The ability to configure the user’s data selection, privileges, and settings all from one centralized location
  • File Retention Rules
  • Advanced file filtering options by wildcards or regular expressions
  • Filter by size and date
  • Set backup frequency or schedule
  • Throttle and schedule internet bandwidth usage
  • Set backup performance modes
  • Global Exclude by wildcards

Slow down bandwidth-hungry backup clients

Control the amount of bandwidth Metiix Hybrid uses on all machines through the cloud Management Console.

Keep track of your Metiix Hybrid clients

With enterprise level reporting, you can see where every client is located across the globe and even check the bandwidth usage of each user.

Private and secure collaboration

Metiix Hybrid supports on-the-fly encryption and decryption of your files, if you wish to edit an encrypted file, just type in your password and the file will be available for editing on Google Docs.

You can also enable password protection for shared files and folders, an expiration date for the download, and a delivery notification when accessed to ensure a safe delivery.

On a home computer or mobile device? No problem, open Metiix Hybrid web console to access your backed up files and share securely with your collaborators.

Save space and bandwidth

All files are checked for Machine level and organization level deduplication to ensure faster backups. Block level backups are taken for large files, and file retention is done either by number of days or number of versions. You can also limit for each user the amount of storage used.

Powerful header

You can either allow your power users to configure their entire backup or configure everything for them. Metiix Hybrid enables you to set policies to specific users; specify the backup selection, backup settings, storage limit, encryption password, privileges, and more with an easy to use policy manager.

There is no need for a dedicated IT administrator, the system is simple and easy to use and any changes will be pushed to the clients instantly. Retired computers can be archived with ease and users can be suspended, activated, or deleted. Multiple Admins can be assigned to the console for easier control and access.

Easy Deployment (1000s in just 5 mins)

Deploy Metiix Hybrid to your local and global clients with email invites. Everything can be controlled remotely with the centralized Web console.

Every employee's data is stored separately and privately; no employee can see the other employees' data unless permitted via sharing.