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Metiix Drift

Simplified Disk Space Monitoring

Global Storage Dashboard

Want to see all of your storage in one place? The dashboard makes it easy with views across your entire enterprise or even single site. Learn More

Aggregated Disk Utilization

View all of your disk utilization as a single metric, or see the disk utilization of a subset of your devices. Learn More

Tagged Device Filtering

Tag each device to filter dashboards, reports, charts, aggregated disk utilization, etc. Tagging makes it easy to view a subset of your devices in one management pane. Learn More

Utilization Alerts

Alerts are generated when a volume reaches a pre-defined utilization threshold. The alert is considered resolved once the utilization is back below its threshold. Learn More

Notify Groups & Targets

Notify groups can be assigned to each device allowing multiple notification recipients within each notify group. Learn More


With reports for practically every aspect of the application, you are sure to be able to get the information that you need, when you need it. Learn More


Securely hosted within the cloud, Metiix Drift is easy to manage and provision with no time or moneys wasted on proprietary or expensive hardware. Learn More

Historical Charting

Charting each disk space update over time allows for a great view into the history of each volume and its utilization. Learn More

Easy Deployment

Each agent is super easy to deploy and manage on each device. Runs as a background service and couldn't be easier. Learn More