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Metiix Virtual

Efficient VM snapshot protection, local and replicated

Data Backup Service and Business Continuance combined for effective Disaster Recovery of your VM and Physical machines.

Backup, replication, and recovery in a single solution for virtual and physical servers. Protect continuously, move data anywhere, and utilize data backup and recovery to retrieve anything.

Global de-duplication reduces the data to such a degree that years of history can be stored both on and off site while consuming a fraction of bandwidth and disk.

Data backup recovery from a virtual standby or by performing a live-recovery. Metiix Virtual eliminates both the backup window and the restore window.

Replicate data from the main core at your data center to your own desired locations, or to the Metiix Cloud. Servers may be made ready for recovery at your own destinations or within the Metiix Cloud.

Metiix Virtual powered by Appassure delivers the fastest data backup and recovery possible for VM, physical, and cloud environments.

Agent-based with incremental-forever approach for VMs and physical servers

The Metiix Virtual Agent is automatically installed on all the machines that will be protected by the Metiix Virtual Core. Agents are designed to offer a number of advantages over both legacy agent-based and agent-less technologies found on other data backup solutions.

Agents use an incremental-forever, changed-block tracking approach that tracks, captures, and transmits the changed blocks from the protected disk volume to the Metiix Virtual Core at pre-configured intervals. They are fully application-aware and they lie dormant when not in use. Even when they’re hard at work, the ultra-light Agents tread lightly.

An RMW algorithm is tightly coupled with deduplication; the two cores match keys before transferring data, and then replicate only the unique blocks that are compressed-encrypted-deduplicated across the WAN. This can result in up to a 10X reduction in bandwidth requirements. All data-in-flight is replicated over SSL connections.

VMware, Hyper-V, and XenServer support

Metiix Virtual can export any protected or replicated machine to VMware, Hyper-V, or XenServer. Exports can be ad hoc or continuous. With continuous exports, the virtual machine is incrementally updated after every snapshot. The incremental updates are very fast, so standby-clones are ready to power up with a click of a button. The formats for export are VMware Workstation/Server on a folder, direct export to Vsphere/VMware ESX(i) host, Microsoft Server 2008/R2 Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer.

Metiix Virtual also adds significant clustering support for VMware and Hyper-V environments to meet the data backup service needs of mid-size and larger companies. Support is now available for Database Availability Groups, Single Copy Clusters, SQL Single Copy Clusters.

All data de-duped and compressed before leaving site

Save storage costs through integrated, inline de-duplication and compression while optimizing backups for WAN replication. It eliminates redundant data from your backups not just locally, but across your entire network.

Replication process includes government-grade encryption

Metiix Virtual offers new WAN-optimized, deduplication-aware replication for off-siting data to public or private clouds.

Outbound replication can be configured to a self-managed core or to the Metiix off-site backup and/or a disaster recovery service. Customers who wish to replicate to Metiix can use built-in workflows that allow them to request connections and receive automatic feedback notifications.

Recover to any VM or physical server, either locally or remote

Built from the ground up for virtual and physical environments, enabling one of the fastest and most flexible data backup recovery procedures possible—in minutes, not hours or days, with a near-zero RPO. Full recovery to bare-metal on dissimilar hardware and VM servers in seconds as well as granular recovery of individual files, objects, applications, or messages, in just minutes.

Combined, these technologies deliver fast, reliable and secure local recoveries and cloud-enabled disaster recovery. With its scalable object store, Metiix Virtual is uniquely capable of handling exabytes of data or more very rapidly with built-in global deduplication, compression, encryption, and replication to any private or public cloud infrastructure. Flexible enterprise data retention policies are supported for recovery and compliance purposes.

One interface for virtual and physical machines

Metiix Virtual combines technologically innovative data backup software with ease of use to substantially reduce IT management and storage costs across every Windows and Linux machine in your IT environment. In addition to backing up and recovering physical machines, we support multiple hypervisor environments in private and public clouds.

Metiix Virtual adds the ability to directly create Hyper-V machines from your backups, a feature first offered for VMware ESX/ESXi machines. And it supports larger virtual environments with features like support for SQL Clusters.

Getting data off-site is a critical first step to prepare your company for disaster recovery.

Metiix Virtual allows you to seed your baseline data to an off-site target core if the cores are separated by slow or highly latent links. The data in the seeding archive is compressed, encrypted, and de-duplicated. If the total size of the archive is larger than the space available on the removable media, the archive can col-md- across multiple removable media devices based on the available space on the media. During the seeding process, incremental recovery points are replicated to the target site. Once the seeding archive is consumed into the target core, the newly replicated incremental recovery points are automatically synchronized.

Standby fail-over for entire server or an entire site

If the worst occurs and you do suffer a data disaster, Metiix Virtual supports fail-over and fail-back in replicated environments. In case of a comprehensive outage, the target core in the secondary site can recover instances from replicated machines and immediately commence protection on the failed-over machines. Once the primary site is restored, the core can “fail-back” protection to the machines at the primary site.

Data encrypted both in-flight and at rest

Built-in encryption using 256-Bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with cipher block chaining (CBC) algorithm compliant with SHA-3 to protect the backups from unauthorized access or use, and ensure the privacy of your data backup programs and services. The technology performs inline encryption on incoming snapshot data at line speed without impacting performance and scalability. Metiix Virtual uses SSL 3.0 to secure the connections between the two cores in a replication topology to prevent eavesdropping and tampering.

Having a warm/virtual standby can completely remove RTO barriers.

Create and maintain an up-to-date virtual standby machine for fast disaster recovery for all of your Windows workloads including Exchange, SharePoint, and SQL. The bootable virtual machine is an exact clone of the production server as of the last snapshot.

Application recovery is assured

Metiix Virtual detects the presence of Microsoft Exchange and SQL and its respective databases and log files, and it automatically groups the volumes with dependency for comprehensive protection and rapid recovery. This ensures that you never have incomplete backups to work from when you are performing recoveries.

When you back up MS Exchange or MS SQL instances, Metiix Virtual not only captures the entire application stack including files and logs, it also tests your backup to determine if it is 100% recoverable. We can also notify you if the testing fails, giving you another opportunity to back up before disaster strikes.

Retention policies are easy to set

Metiix Virtual offers highly flexible and granular backup retention policies that can be easily customized for different business and compliance requirements without compromising availability or the integrity of the data backup solution. Customers with Big Data can now rely on Metiix Virtual to retain very large amounts of data with complex retention policies by using metadata operations to perform rollup operations for aging.

Archival allows for lower cost storage for less active data

Metiix Virtual SmartArchive feature enables long-term data retention for SLA and regulatory compliance. The backup archives can be created on less expensive storage. An archive can be created on the source or a target replica core on to removable media. It is internally optimized and all data in the archive is de-duplicated, compressed, and encrypted. The archive can col-md- across multiple devices based on the available space on the media and it can be locked with a passphrase. Recovery from an archive does not require a new core—any core can ingest the archive and recover data as long as the administrator has the passphrase and the encryption keys.

Near instant recovery of both applications and volumes

Restore an entire server from your backup with an RTO of minutes rather than hours. Recover the use of a server to any location from the backup file directly onto any virtual or physical machine without having to wait to extract the full backup to production storage. Choose from as many as 288 recovery points a day to deliver an RPO of minutes.

Protect anything — systems, apps and data — anywhere, whether it’s physical, virtual or in the cloud.

Run without restore, with zero impact on your users, as if the outage never happened. Maintain updated copies of your servers at the ready on local disk, across your sites or within your own secure cloud account. Protect growing physical and virtual environments automatically and on demand without contracts.

Host standby copies of your servers in Azure, updated up to every 5 minutes. Only pay for the storage until they are needed for as little as $0.018 per GB or about $18.00 per TB, per month.

Monitor and manage your entire environment - across multiple sites - from one management console. Implement DRaaS in the Azure, Amazon, or Rackspace cloud with just a few clicks. Advanced admin friendly solution with daily monitoring included.

How it works:

Take advantage of the pay-as-you-grow convenience of public cloud by using Metiix Virtual to implement cloud-based data protection and cloud disaster recovery. Includes point-and-click cloud connectivity, with easy replication of your critical application backups. Extend your backups for longer-term retention to comply with industry or government requirements. Move your archiving off site to a public cloud and save on CAPEX and OPEX associated with storing and maintaining archive data on premises. Tackle bare metal restore (BMR) and file-level restore (FLR) from cloud-based archives.

Cloud Connector

User-friendly access manager lets you connect with public clouds for easy archiving and replication. Supported public clouds include Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, RackSpace and OpenStack.


Configurable replication of your backups across your own sites or anywhere — on premises, remote, or in public or private clouds. Cloud-based replication is an excellent strategy to protect your critical applications and data from outages and attacks.

File-Level Recovery

Recovery of files or folders from a cloud archive is no longer a time-consuming operation. Simply mount the archive directly from the cloud on the Core. File-level recovery from cloud, network on or off site or local archives.

Bare Metal Restore

To perform a bare-metal restore directly from any archive, boot any protected machine with our boot media. A simple wizard connects you to your cloud provider, allowing you to select your cloud archive with the desired recovery points as the source.

Continual snapshots for outstanding recovery point objective (RPO) granularity

Metiix Virtual snapshot technology essentially eliminates backup windows with disk-to-disk backups composed of an initial full backup, followed by incremental forever backups. This allows administrators to back up a server as frequently as every 15 minutes. This creates many more RPOs than traditional data backup solutions are capable of and reduces potential data loss from as much as a day to just minutes.