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Metiix Cloud

no more tape, write data anywhere, un-breakable reliability


Simple deployment as well as much less to maintain to ensure your backups continue to run perfectly. Learn More


Windows, Linux, Unix, AS400. We can protect it all with one complete data protection solution. Learn More

VM Support

VMWare VSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V... All makes and models are welcome at Metiix. Learn More


We make encryption look easy. From DES 56-bit to military-grade AES 256-bit, we will ensure your data is safe. Learn More

Compression / De-Dup

Delta Compression exists to reduce the amount of storage needed for your backups. We have mastered it. Learn More

Continuous Protection

With minimal resources we can track and protect data as it changes in real-time. Learn More

Diverse Storage Options

Classify your data to ensure that you are storing your data on the most efficient storage. Learn More


Your data is a stored in a safe, secure and compliant datacenter. SAS70, HIPPA, SOX... Learn More

Unlimited Versions

No cap to the amount of file versions you elect to keep. You choose based on your retention requirements. Learn More

Incremental Forever

Only changed files and changed blocks are stored no matter how many changes are made to your files. Learn More


With file hashing we are able to validate that a file is restorable at any time and automatically. Learn More


From simple retention policies to more precise and complex rules, our retention capabilities are limitless. Learn More

Application Aware

Email, databases, system state backups and bare-metal recoveries are no problem with Metiix Cloud. Learn More

Bandwidth Throttling

Limit the backup network utilization so as to not consume all of your precious upstream bandwidth. Learn More

Unlimited File Size

Regardless of how large your files are, within Metiix Cloud, there are no size restrictions to file size. Learn More