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Best Online Backup Service

Traditional online backup services store and secure your data on servers located within professional data centers. A shared benefit between all online backup services is the advantage of storing your information in an off-site and online location which is safe from physical threats like theft, fire or other disasters. In comparison to many other traditional online backup services, Metiix provides dynamic data backup and recovery solutions at an unparalleled quality and convenience for clients. This is because the foundation of Metiix security and recovery is built upon user needs. With an intimate perspective into security risks and needs, Metiix has accommodated everything the user requires to have their information safeguarded with unrivaled excellence.

Our Metiix data professionals coupled with the latest security technologies, strategies and insights allow Metiix to deliver users ultimate flexibility and complete control of their data. Through our comprehensive and innovative personal data protection grid, users can take advantage of the many Metiix features including security, encryption, automation and much more. Metiix has grown a successful reputation among users as one of the best online backup services available. Experience it for yourself and contact Metiix professionals today.