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Data Backup & Recovery

Data backup and recovery is brought into a new level of sophistication with Metiix data recovery tools. We strive to improve and innovate on all levels of our security, to ensure your data is safe, while remaining accessible and customizable by you at any time. Our data recovery programs align backup, replication and recovery solutions into a single continuous procedure flexible to your needs. All of Metiix data recovery services are universally secured, as well as independently encrypted, to keep your data reliable and recoverable by any remote or local server.

The inclusion of Metiix Cloud within our data recovery hardware enables rapid and immediate disaster data recovery. Even further, through Metiix advanced encryption, your data is protected by securing your backups from unauthorized access and use, and ensures overall ultimate data privacy. Metiix is proud to be your #1 data recovery company, by refining back-up automation, data encryption and adaptive real-time security to your needs.