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Data De-duplication

Metiix de-duplication is a feature within the personal data security grid that enables your storage capacity to remain at its most efficient status. Through the Metiix data de-duplication tools, user information is at its most optimum storage capacity by the intelligent elimination of data copies or redundant data. Although data duplication backup is initiated before any data leaves the server, data de-duplication varies on the makeup and file types of a particular server.

Metiix data de-duplication tools are constantly comparing data blocks within all files across the entire server for your convenience. This allows the user servers to consistently free up existing capacity, reduce storage deprivation, and ultimately allowing the user to focus on the value of their data rather than the constant management needs associated with growing data. Metiix professionals are ready to take on any additional information you may need on your data domain de-duplication. Feel free to contact our team of data backup and recovery experts.