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Data Recovery

At Metiix, we pride ourselves on the secure and in-depth data backup services we provide to our clients. In fact, our data backup solutions incorporate an unmatched level of flexibility, assurance and overall care for your data, through cross-platform uniformity, management support, data encryption and much more. We take the extra steps to ensure complete data backup and recovery. We believe in giving our customers’ peace of mind, while also delivering users complete control of their data in all aspects storage and recovery.

With your own dedicated Metiix security grid, not only is your data protected across an extensive range of encryption-based storage systems, but it is further backed by Metiix support. You can expect nothing less than high quality attentiveness from our highly trained support team. In addition, our detailed and daily real-time reports give you specifics on your data recovery program, in case a problem requires your attention. Our mission as a professionally reliable data recovery company is to keep your data safe, secure, and accessible at all times.