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Metiix Backup for I-Series

IT professionals in various sectors have been using IBM server technology for decades. IBM’s i-series, while not currently the most current iteration, has nevertheless been a dominant force in the world of server management. Because it is still such an important and appealing option for organizations in many different industries, Metiix offers data backup for i-series servers.

By utilizing the latest cloud-based backup technology, Metiix is able to provide servers with an all-encompassing level of data protection. Businesses and other organizations that are managing a variety of servers can find peace of mind through the redundancy offered by Metiix products and services. Data is regularly backed up securely and efficiently, so there is never a lag in protection.

Additionally, Metiix provides an innovative set of monitoring capabilities that are specifically designed to work seamlessly with the i-series components. By constantly maintaining a bird’s eye view of the health of the data, IT professionals can ensure that a company’s valuable data is always safe from harm or corruption.

Metiix is dedicated to delivering only the best products for companies that maintain servers. The products and services designed for IBM’s i-series are just one of the many solutions available for real time data protection. Metiix understands how critically important data security is to organizations in all fields.