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Backup Your Data

Data loss can be a very difficult thing to recover from, especially if the data is important information. Many companies back up information to hard drives, but this leaves data vulnerable if the hard drive was to crash or be damaged in any way. Backup software can be used to keep important data safe after a computer or hard drive failure. The Metiix Online Cloud Storage service allows multiple devices and machines to be synced and backed up into one location. The information can be accessed both through the web and through mobile devices.

Many companies make mistakes that cause data to be lost. If hard copies of backup tapes are used, those tapes can be damaged by temperature and humidity, as well as fires and floods. Many of the other mistakes made are with the software used to back up the data. Companies don’t keep up with technology advances and don’t keep up with modern media formats, making data loss happen when the information cannot be accessed by the server. Companies will also waste money on training or on multiple backup experts, when in reality, one expert can get the job done and can keep up with backup and storage requirements.

Data loss happens to many companies, and these types of data loss can really hurt a company. The types include corporate financial data, employee information, customer information, intellectual property, and suspect data loss. This information loss can be caused by network attacks or even something as innocuous as file sharing.

Backup Your data

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