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Metiix Hybrid

Powerful Data Protection Leveraging Amazon Cloud Services

Amazon Cloud

Move your Big Data assets to the cloud with Metiix Hybrid

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services or AWS has been architected to be one of the most secure and flexible cloud computing environments in the world today. For this reason Amazon has grown to be the largest hosted environment in the world today, almost 4 times larger than all other cloud service providers combined.

Amazon Security

Metiix has been leveraging Amazon Web Services for the last 8 years, and is proud to offer Metiix Hybrid as a way for all of our customers to safely and effectively utilize AWS for archiving and near real time data protection.

Metiix Hybrid Encryption


Data is encrypted through the Metiix Hybrid Client residing on all of your devices prior to being sent offsite.

Metiix Hybrid uses 256 bit AES encryption. The main encryption key is generated on the source client deployed on each server, desktop, or laptop protected. All data protected is encrypted at that 256 bit level before it leaves your site. Data is encrypted in flight and at rest on our servers and disk at Amazon. Our customers are the only ones who have the key to the data.

Amazon encryption protecting any access to Metiix servers at AWS:

AWS Server Side Encryption employs strong multi-factor encryption. Each object is encrypted with a unique key. As an additional safeguard, this key is encrypted with a regularly rotated master key.

256-bit AES AWS Server Side Encryption:
Amazon Server-Side Encryption

All of our servers at Amazon contain a second 256 bit AES encryption key. This prevents anyone from outside or within the Amazon organization to see any of our configurations. Additionally the two keys, yours and ours at Amazon, never meet. There is no way for Metiix, Amazon or any third party to ever find, read, access or transfer data out of the cloud. You alone have the sole entry point.

All of your data resides within in the US and no data is ever sent to a foreign nation.

Amazon Web Services white papers:

Metiix Hybrid Cold Storage


Metiix Hybrid utilizes Amazon's Glacier for Cold Storage. Glacier is intended to hold archive data that has not been used for quite some time. As such the recovery of this data would be expected to take a very long time. It is not typically selected to hold data where a large or expedient restore might be expected. It is also not generally considered when planing or any type of business continuance or server failure.

Data stored within Metiix Hybrid Cold Storage can be freely retrieved as often as you like in small increments and at a slow speed. When data is selected from Cold Storage for restore there is a 3-5 hour window before the data retrieval or download can begin.

If you believe at anytime in the future that you might require a large or hurried restore of any selected data, please consider placing that data in Metiix Hybrid Instant Storage, and not Cold Storage.

Keep in Mind the Local Recovery Cache on the Metiix Hybrid client is able to hold the latest generation of all protected data on local disk. The data held on the local disk is available for immediate restore. Having this local copy will greatly reduce retrieval latency for all cloud protected data, especially Cold Storage.