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Metiix Hybrid

Powerful Data Protection Leveraging Amazon Cloud Services

Big Data Backup & Archival

Move your Big Data assets to the cloud with Metiix Hybrid

Big Data

Metiix Hybrid is low cost cloud backup and archival system that leverages Amazon Glacier to give you a complete and usable business solution, where you will be able to backup and archive your data easily

  • Bypass internet by shipping your data to our data centers with Zero knowledge.
  • Instant Search
  • Instant Browsing
  • 3-5 Hours Restore Time
  • Photo Previews (Big and small thumbnails) Perfect for photographs, media, and imaging companies
  • Fast Recovery; in case of large data recovery, we can accelerate the process by sending your files to you on an external hard disk.

So if you have 1 TB, 1 PB, or even more, you can move them to the cloud easily. Metiix Hybrid is the most practical storage and archive solution, which can replace tape backups and on premises storage, by providing easy retrieval and a cost effective solution.

Benefits of using Metiix Hybrid for Big Data Backup & Archive

Low Cost

Thanks to cold storage technology, enjoy all the perks of and enterprise level cloud system without paying the heavy bill. Metiix Hybrid comes with users/servers management, policies, data preview and more that is extremely affordable

Agility & Instant Elasticity

Our highly durable, secure and reliable backend system resides on Amazon's AWS cloud; an agile cloud that can scale with all big data needs.


With Zero knowledge, your data is encrypted before leaving your computers leveraging 256-bit AES-military grade Encryption, over SSL Secure connection, and stored using another AES 256 Redundant key encryption.

Copy, Encrypt and Ship

No need to wait for your data to upload, simply use our Metiix Hybrid utility to encrypt, copy and ship an external harddisk to us, and your data will be moved automatically to the datacenters that are processed with zero knowledge.

Restore & Data Access

You can view all your backed up data and thumbnail previews of your photos instantly. If you need to restore a file, folder or multiple files/folders, they are restored quickly from instant storage and will take 3-5 hours to prepare restoring files from cold storage. Once your files are ready, you can restore them instantly with no extra cost or bandwidth capping.

Ease of Use

Most Big data archive solutions can become challenging and require a dedicated IT team. Metiix Hybrid provides an easy to use user management, user deployment and administration that requires zero to minimum learning curve, eliminating the need of a dedicated IT teams.

Scalable Pricing

Add space, users, or computers with a click, there is no need to purchase upfront for future expansion. Just add what you want when needed without any intervention or configuration.

Highly Available

Without extra charge, all data is duplicated over multiple facilities globally on fault tolerant servers providing the availability and reliability your data deserves

Amazon AWS Infrastructure

Unlike others, Metiix Hybrid does not store data on proprietary servers in unknown locations. Your data is stored on Amazon's data centers that is based on billions of dollars in infrastructure investment. This means that your data is stored on high quality hardware for security, durability and maximum availability. Amazon is trusted by thousands of enterprises across the globe.

Data tiering support

Not all data is the same, in one product, you can easily add your frequently used data to instant storage for easy access, editing and collaboration, and store your rarely accessed data to the durable low-cost cold storage.